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About M.A.R.C
Click here to learn about the MARC Team,  see our mission, our team, and learn about the study of our unique marine archaeological record.

The Copenhagen Bow
Examine the Copenhagen Bow Section and  how it got there at rest, detached  from the balance of the Copenhagen preserve.

The Lofthus Wreck Site
Follow the MARC divers in their research and positive identification of a 19th iron sailing Barc lost off Boynton Beach, Florida.

The Half Moon
Examine a Pre-WWI racing sloop,  her  fascinating and rich  history as well as her  ties to Famous Floridians.

The Vamar Wreck Site
Follow  the positive identification of Admiral Richard Byrd’s  Antarctic research vessel used in founding of Little America and first flight over  the South Pole in 1928.

A Cultural and Biological Survey
Read about Marc's assistance to Florida Teleport Inc. in the completion of a submerged cultural and biological resource survey.

The Abaco Wreck Site
Follow the MARC team in their research of a site possibly containing both an American Civil War vessel and Spanish colonial era vessel.

On-Going Education
Click HERE to see the  MARC Team video and how you can become certified by  MAHS.    (Run Time 7min. 22 sec.)

(allow appox. 1.5 min to download)

The Lugano Wreck Site
See images of the fascinating Lugano Wreck site on Long Reef in Biscayne National Park wrecked March 9th 1913.   MARC is honored to assist NPS with this site as a meaningful addition to the Biscayne Heritage trail.

Using Underwater Video
Learn the uses of digital underwater video for archaeological  surveys, site plans, photo mosaics, in situ documentation and feature documentaries.

Alleged "Arratoon Apcar"
Follow the MARC team as they document a site thought to be the wreck the  tramp steamer off Fowey Light in Biscayne National Park.  This is the second MARC project assisting The National Park Service with the new Heritage Shipwreck Trail.

Funded in part by the South Florida National Parks Trust

Explore A 19th Century Wooden Sailing Ship
The third of the MARC/NPS Heritage Trail projects completed for summer 2006. This site is an unidentified ballast pile just outside Ceasar Creek in NPS waters. Funded in part by the South Florida National Parks Trust

The Rome Project
Watch as MARC assists the  NGUAS in the investigation of "DIXIE", a civil war paddle wheeler and a submerged civil war era wharf on the Oostanula River in Rome, Georgia.


Museum of Underwater Archaeology (M.U.A.)
Take a wonderful virtual trip through fascinating exhibits in marine archaeology in one of the first on-line museums of it's type.  This unique virtual museum is  the brainchild of   marine archaeologist Kurt Knoerl.

The Yamato Rock Exploration Area
Follow MARC's  research and remote sensing  investigation of  of an interesting area off Delray Beach  Florida.


At Your Service!
Meet the MARC team and see our unique resources.  See for yourself why the MARC non-profit team may well be the most suitable to assist in your research-driven underwater archaeology project.

PLEASE NOTE: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO Most video clips on this site are less than 5 megs.  All are .wmv files for Windows Media Player.  Click HERE for an example.   Enjoy!

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